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If at the beginning of the new year you have ever started with good intentions then after a month or two you found yourself losing steam, then this is for you.

If you have ever wished for support to be solid at the start of and throughout the new year, then you are in the right place.

All About Start Strong | Stay Strong

Get a Jump Start

Too often, you leave preparation for the new year too late — the last day of the year or the beginning of the new one. That is not your fault. That is what you have been programmed to do. However, it leaves you at a disadvantage. You have no momentum going into the new one.


With Start Strong | Stay Strong you will change that. You will get a jump start and go into the new year, with clarity.

Get Support

Feedback and support are essential in life. Yet, when you set your resolutions and/or goals for the new year, you do so by yourself. This is setting you up to lose your momentum as you go along.


Start Strong | Stay Strong is a group of people committed to getting clarity together and holding each other accountable. Thus, you will get the support you need for a strong start to 2022 and to continue that way.

Get Guidance

“Am I on the right track?” is a question that you may ask yourself. “How do I keep going?” is another.


With Start Strong | Stay Strong you get an experienced spiritual mentor and coach who will journey with and guide you. In addition, you get resources that give you spiritual undergirding and guided questions. With this combination, you are assured that you will received the guidance you need.

Eva Rise Up Blueprint

Participating in Start Strong | Stay Strong meant formulating my priorities , maintaining and focusing on them without any guilty feelings. I will continue to do this in 2021.

Eva James

Why Now?

The best time to prepare for the new year is before it starts.

Be prepared for the challenges of 2022. Don’t wait until it is too late. Get a new mindset, the right mindset as you step into the new year. This starts before the new year starts.

The Nuts and Bolts

Starting date and time: Sunday, December 19, 2021 at 6.00 pm CST

Remaining sessions in January and February 2022


1 free group session mid-year 2022

The Investment

Regular: $450
Special price: $360

Space is limited
1st 3 people to register get 1 bonus free coaching session with Dr. Claire

Deadline to spcial price (Dec. 3):

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Kendra Thompson | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire

Claire's program "Start Strong | Stay Strong" came at just the right time in my life. Claire not only had helpful strategies for goal setting, but she built a community for these goals to take shape. I would recommend this course to anyone in need of professional, vocational or spiritual realignment.

Kendra Thompson

About Dr. Claire
Claire A Smith, PhD

About your leader

Claire Annelise Smith,PhD, aka Dr. Claire, is the founder of Blazing Star Network, a Professional Training and Spiritual Coaching firm. She is also the author of multiple books and publications.

With two decades of executive experience under her belt, Dr. Claire understands the drive that keeps individuals going.

As an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach, Dr. Claire helps leaders organize their busy lives to have more time to connect with themselves, the people they love most, and God … without stress and guilt.

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