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An interview conducted by Angel Charmaine, CEO of Speak up Sis. The title of the episode is, “Do You Love Yourself Enough to Be Still.” We talked about:

  • My life journey and life lessons.
  • Busyness vs productivity and the importance of being still to hear God and get perspective.
  • The connection between renewal and being still.
  • The love that stems from God’s love.
  • Times of rest and renewal.
  • How you can avoid losing sight of who God is, who we are, and what we are called to do.

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An interview with Valeria Teles on her A Quest for Well-Being Podcast. “Knowing your purpose is important. When you understand it and are living true to it, you have clarity, confidence, and avoid stress as you allow it to be your guiding star.”

We also discussed:

  • My journey to becoming a Christian,
  • God and what keeps us from God,
  • Differentiating stress and being stressed-out,
  • Prayer, meditation and being still.
  • Compassion and love.

Also, find out the 3 things I know for sure about life.

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An interview with Rick Lee James, song writer and worship leader, on his “Voices In  My Head” podcast on getting out of stress. We talked about:

  • The importance of managing the stress that comes as a part of life so that we do not enter the stressed-out zone.
  • How to recognize when you are in a stressed-out loop and how to get out of it.
  • The importance of knowing who to manage expectations and avoid being guilt tripped.
  • The difference between surrender and performance and the need to be still and know God.
  • How to deal with things over which you have no control.
  • Coming out of the pandemic stronger.

Click this link to watch it.

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