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Join our Virtual Breaking Free Group

Get tips, strategies, support, accountability and wise counsel to move from being overwhelmed and stressed-out to living freely with joy and confidence.

Stress-Free Breaking Free Group


No need to feel all alone. Join a community of like-minded people and move from stuck and overwhelmed.

Stress-Free Breaking Free Group


Get a structure to help you achieve your goals as you make the mental shifts needed for the change you want.

Stress-Free Breaking Free


Get accountability to stay on track and make the necessary changes in your life to move from stressed-out to freedom.

Can you afford to continue living stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed-out?

Click on the "Get Started" button and Dr. Claire will contact you to ensure that you are a fit for the group and the group is a fit for you.

Weekly on Thursdays from 6.00 to 7.00 pm.

This group will be using Dr. Claire's new book, "Help! I Want Out! You will be expected to complete the assigned reading, and complete any exercises that the group is given.

You must make a 3-month commitment to join the group. The group is ongoing

Yes. Dr. Claire will discuss this with you should you be right for the group.

"The group sustained me spiritually and gave objective, concrete ways to improve my weakness. I have received great benefit and would recommend this mastermind for anyone struggling to reach their destiny. "
Dr. Allen While Breaking Free
Alicia White, MD
“Not only is she gifted at time management guidance and goal-setting, she is also spiritually insightful and wise. Claire helped me build community. I am thankful to her and this group experience."
Kendra Thompson | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire
Kendra Thompson, MA

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