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Hi, I Am Dr. Claire

Aren’t you tired of feeling stressed-out? Wouldn’t you love to have time for you, God, your family, and friends?

As an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach, I am on a mission to empower people to get out of the stressed-out lifestyle loop in which they find themselves. Then, you will live with clarity, freedom, and joy. 

I invite you to join me on this freedom journey . Find out more below in the letter I’ve written to you.

Thank you.

Dear Busy Leader,


You have come a long way with many more miles to go. You see the next challenge and you’re ready for it. If there is a job to be done, you get it done; no questions asked.

You are a doer, a creator, a visionary, a dependable friend and partner. There is only one problem. You don’t stop.

Dear Busy Leader, you keep going and doing and somewhere in there you run the danger of losing sight of who you are. You also lose sight of why you are here.

When you lose sight of who you are and why you’re here, your achievements lack heart and soul. Instead, you have stress and diminishing returns.

What Drives Dr. Claire | Live Stress Free with Dr. Claire

 That is where I come in

I come alongside you, give you the more time in your daily life and help you rediscover that person you were created to be. I will do for you what I do for my clients—help you to see and claim again your unique path. I do this by:

These are questions that allow you to get to your heart, your promise, the true you. In addition, I gently challenge and hold you accountable in ways that your friends and relatives will not. I will not allow you to wriggle out of your unique promise and call.

Now, dear Busy Leader, you can soar again and go again and produce again—with freedom, joy, and peace. You will let go of the stress that grinds you down and have more time.

Why do I do this?

You see, dear Busy Leader, I once lost sight of who I was and my unique path. I stopped guarding the edges of your life. What I did consumed me. Even my relationships lost their depth.

Because it’s my story, I know that you can open a new chapter and create a different ending. You can get back to having the time to connect with your spiritual self, improve your relationships, and fulfill your unique promise.

Your Turn to Ditch Stress and Live Freely

Now, it is your time. This is your time.

I’m ready to work with you to make the shift to having more time – freedom, joy, and peace. You’ll do this with my proven, proprietary system. Your next life chapter is in your hands.

Will you let me support you?


Dr. Claire | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire
What Drives Dr. Claire | Enjoy Family | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire

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