Tried everything and Still Feeling Stressed-Out?

Dr. Claire helps busy professionals in transition manage their time to reduce stress and live with a God-connection that leads to clarity, freedom, and joy

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Meet Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire is a recovering stressaholic. She knows what it is to push yourself to the limit and then crash – repeatedly. Now, as an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and coach she works with busy professional leaders who have forgotten how to hit the pause button.

Whether you are at the stage where you are ready to tear your hair out, feeling stuck, or on the verge of overdoing it, Dr. Claire would love to talk with you and explore options for freeing yourself from a stressed-out lifestyle.

Dr. Claire | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire

What Dr. Claire Offers For Stress-Free Living

Because living stressed-out only robs you of enjoying life.

One-on-One Coaching

Get personalized support, perceptivity, and accountability to make the journey from stressed-out to living freely.

Professional Moms

The best gift you can give yourself is to find a safe community of like-minded mothers of young children for support and growth.

Break Free in 30 Days

Do you know that changing one thing can transform your life? You can Rise Up and do so in 30 days. Let this be your time.

What People Are Saying

What kind of results do people get when they work with Dr. Claire?

Kathy Williams | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire
"I found myself overwhelmed with my commitments at work and struggled to find a healthy balance between work and quality time with my spouse. Dr. Smith's program was instrumental in guiding me toward a resolution that taught me how to effectively create a margin of time in my day."
Kathy Williams
Senior Pastor
"With Dr. Claire, you're in for a treat. Not only is she gifted at time management guidance and goal-setting, she is also spiritually insightful and wise. Claire helped me build community in a setting I didn't even know was there for me. That's why I am thankful to her and this group experience!"
Kendra Thompson | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire
Kendra Thompson
Mom | Family Resource
"This coaching has made a big difference. You talk to people all day long and you think, talking to a coach isn’t really going to help. But coaching isn’t just talking. Coaching involves identifying, processing, and thinking through your life’s desires and then coming up with actionable strategies to assist you in moving forward."
Vernona Dismuke | Live Stress-Free with Dr. Claire
Verna Dismuke
Help I want Out - Live Stress Free with Dr. Claire

New Book! Help! I Want Out!

Practical, insightful, action oriented.

What can you do to manage the potentially stressful things in life? Help! I Want Out! What to Do When You Are Stressed Out from Holding it All Together will give you strategies and resources to manage all that is coming at you in a healthy way. This book will take you to the place where you look around you and say, “Life is beautiful. I am happy. I have peace.”

Time and Stress Management Articles

Get the resources to manage your life and time to live joyfully and freely, enjoying God, your friends and family.

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